Iran-backed terrorists threaten to bomb Dubai’s Burj Khalifa as Brit influencers flock to Gulf to escape lockdown

TERRORISTS backed and funded by Iran have threatened to blow up Dubai's Burj Khalifa skyscraper with drones.

A bloodthirsty militia group turned its sights on the glitzy Gulf getaway where scores of Brit influencers and reality stars have gone to escape lockdown.

A chilling propaganda poster shows a mocked-up image of red ball of flames erupting 100 storeys up the tower as a second drone zooms towards the target.

It appears to be a World Trade Center-style plot to topple the world's tallest building, which is more than half a mile high at 2,722ft.

The threat comes from an Iraqi militia group suspected of launching two drone attacks in Saudi capital Riyadh this week.

Respected analysts the SITE Intel Group said on Twitter: “Alleged group behind drone in Riyadh depicts strike on Burj Khalifa in Dubai.”

And the MEMRI terror monitoring outlet shared the image on its website, along with text of what it says is the group's threat to attack the tower.

A double blast was heard in Riyadh on Tuesday morning and witnesses said it appeared a missile had intercepted a drone.

A similar drone attack on Saturday was initially blamed on the Houthis, Iran-backed rebels in Yemen who have attacked targets inside Saudi Arabia many times before.

However the Houthis denied it, and instead a new militia based in Iraq issued a statement claiming responsibility, reports The Times.

The Alwiya al-Waad al-Haq, or Brigades of the Righteous Promise, said the attack had been "launched solely by Iraqi hands".

An online news channel close to Iran-backed terrorists in Iraq said the attacks were meant to make Saudi Arabia the "playground of missiles and drones".

The Brigades of the Righteous Promise appears to be the latest shadowy militia group that has sprung up since the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani a year ago.

He headed the Quds force and coordinated terror groups fighting Tehran's proxy wars in Iraq and across the Middle East.

The same shadowy militias have launched repeated missile attacks on the Baghdad Green Zone and on US and Iraqi army convoys.


Dozens of celebs and Instagram stars have been soaking up Dubai's winter sun in recent weeks, despite the coronavirus lockdown at home.

Earlier this week fitness influencer Sheridan Mordew left This Morning fans fuming when she insisted her Dubai holiday was an "essential work trip".

Geordie Shore favourite Chloe Ferry also shared pics of her Dubai trip on social media, and co-star Sophie Kasaei stripped naked as she posed in a hotel.

Love Island stars Georgia Steele, Francesca Allen and Wes Nelson have all shared pictures of themselves in the UAE resort.

Fellow Love Islander Amber Gill was forced to hit back at critics after posting photos of her "working trip", and Laura Anderson was branded "selfish and distasteful" for flaunting her sunshine break.

Reality stars have been hit with a fierce backlash for dodging lockdown to pose on the beach in the Gulf.

Some have lost thousands of followers on Instagram and others have been bombarded with death threats.

Katie Price and Stacey Solomon have both blasted reality stars and influencers for going to Dubai during the pandemic.

Health secretary Matt Hancock also slammed Brits who jet off for "weekends in Dubai".

Home Secretary Priti Patel also took a swipe, saying: "We see plenty of influencers on social media, showing off which parts of the world they are in – mainly sunny parts of the world.

"Going on holiday is not an exemption, and it's important that people stay at home."

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