Inside horror ‘monster mansion’ UK prison with ‘Hannibal’ killer in glass box

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  • A British prison dubbed “monster mansion” houses some of the most notorious – and disturbed – criminals, including one bloke in the basement living in a glass box.

    HMP Wakefield is a Category A men’s prison found at the back of a train station in Yorkshire.

    Its origins date back to 1594, and it now houses around 800 of the United Kingdom’s most notorious prisoners.

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    Given the nickname Monster Mansion, the most notable of those housed there is Robert Maudsley, who lives in a glass box in the bowels on the prison.

    Known as Hannibal, he was locked up for garrotting John Farrell, in March 1974 after Farrell picked up Maudsley for sex and showed him pictures of children he had sexually abused. He gave himself up to police and was sent to Broadmoor.

    He went on to lock himself in a cell and, along with another inmate, spent nine hours torturing convicted child molester David Francis to death.

    was then transferred to Wakefield Prison where he garrotted and stabbed killer Salney Darwood, hiding his victim’s body under his bed.

    He then roamed around the prison hunting for a second victim, eventually cornering sex offender William Roberts and stabbing him to death and smashing his skull against a wall.

    Now aged 69, he is kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day in a specially constructed underground cell.

    Previous “guests” include “Dr Death” Harold Shipman, child killer Ian Huntley, and the most notorious prisoner in the UK Charles Bronson.

    Mass murderer Jeremy Bamber is currently holed up inside Wakefield for the brutal massacre of his family.

    He has spent more than 30 years locked up after fatally shooting his adoptive parents, his sister, along with her six-year-old sons to death in 1985.

    Despite the grim people kept inside the prison, a November 2022 report into the state of it actually put forward a rather rosy picture of life inside the place.

    The report claims that living conditions were “good”, and the staff treated prisoners with “respect”.

    However, prisoners did appear to be complaining about the “ageing electrical systems” at the site, which left them unable to get hot water.

    We assume they didn’t canvas the opinions of Robert Mausley during the report proces . . .

    1. Exercise, anyone?

      The notorious prison has a rather intimidating exercise space of its most dangerous inmates

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    2. The prison dates back to the 1500s

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    3. Prison chic

      The entrance really screams ‘all guests welcome’

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    4. The most violent and dangerous UK prisoners are housed inside these cells

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    1. Nicer than most hostels

      Despite the nature of its inmates, it received a good report for the condition of the cells

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    2. . . . or maybe not

      The more dangerous you are, the worse your cell is

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    3. Life in a box

      Peter Maudsley lives in a glass box in the prison’s underbelly

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    1. Charles Bronson spent several years inside the infamous prison

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    2. Maudsley was dubbed "Hannibal" after committing several unspeakable crimes

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    3. Train to nowhere

      The prison backs on to a train station in the area

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