Inside bombed Ukraine city as brave photographer cries ‘we’ll live here again’

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  • A brave civilian has captured the harrowing aftermath of a bombed-out city in Ukraine nearly 500 days since the invasion began.

    Before the war, photographer Pavlo Dorohoi was documenting the architecture of his hometown in Kharkiv, which is the second-largest city in Ukraine.

    But the beauty through the lens catastrophically flipped to still images of rubble as Russia declared bloodshed across Ukraine.

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    While civilians were urged to find sanctuary elsewhere, Pavlo stayed behind to record the destruction in Dovhenke.

    To mark the slow return of residents, Pavlo released images of the resilient buildings which signified strength from the war.

    He partly wrote on his Instagram page: “By lighting the lights in these houses, I wanted to give them hope that one day, life will return to them again.

    “Hope that someday, a song and a child’s laughter will be heard within these walls again.

    “I hope that someday there will be people inside these walls again.”

    Here are some of the startling images to emerge from the wreckages:

    1. ‘Lighting the lights’

      Candles were carefully lit inside buildings that remained

      (Image: Pavlo Dorohoi)1 of 9

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    2. Order vs disorder

      Chaos spread across derelict rooms

      (Image: Pavlo Dorohoi)2 of 9

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    3. Resilient remains  

      Some homes were less affected than others

      (Image: Pavlo Dorohoi)3 of 9

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    1. Wrecked roof

      Some frames of homes could still be spotted with wrecked roofs

      (Image: Pavlo Dorohoi)4 of 9

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    2. Calm after the storm

      The photographer captured the eerie aftermath in one room

      (Image: Pavlo Dorohoi)5 of 9

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    3. Flashing lights

      ‘By lighting candles, I wanted to remember all those who died during this time,’ Pavlo Dorohoi said.

      (Image: Pavlo Dorohoi)6 of 9

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    1. Before and after

      This demonstrated the brave comparison to homes before and after the war

      (Image: Pavlo Dorohoi)7 of 9

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    2. Still standing

      Some bombed buildings fought to sit strongly on the ground

      (Image: Pavlo Dorohoi)8 of 9

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    3. ‘There will be people inside these walls again’

      The photographer said some people have started to return to their homes

      (Image: Pavlo Dorohoi)9 of 9

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