Infamous hackers Anonymous vow to ‘finally uncover the truth’ about UFOs

Infamous hacking group Anonymous has vowed to finally "uncover the truth" about UFOs.

The shadowy techies who have successfully cyber-attacked major government institutions, corporations and the Church of Scientology have now turned their attention to ET.

They are launching Project Disclosure to expose classified information held about unidentified aerial phenomena, UFOs and "extraterrestrial intelligences visiting our planet".

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The move comes after former defence department National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency staffer David Grusch, 36, claimed the US Government had kept recovered UFO crash debris secret so it could reverse engineer the pieces to create new hi-tech weapons.

Anonymous said it was "troubled" by the "lack of accountability" over funding for "technological advancements made by aerospace companies involved in classified government black projects".

While admitting there were ET skeptics within its ranks the body said it was aware "governments consistently deceive their citizens" and it was "driven by the pursuit of truth".

It said recent revelations about hushed up UFO crashes could have "deprived" humanity of "one of the most significant moments in human history".

"Contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species has very possibly taken place,'' the group said.

Anonymous has set up a secure website and appealed to whistleblowers worldwide with knowledge of real life close encounters to reveal their experiences.

In a statement on YouTube the group said: "Greetings Humanity. We are Anonymous.

"For quite some time, many of us have been closely observing the disclosure process concerning the UAP phenomena.

"We will no longer observe this crucial point in history from a distance.

"We too are intrigued to witness how this all unfolds.

"As a decentralised collective, Anonymous has always been committed to truth and government accountability.

"We are driven by the pursuit of truth and challenging those in power.

"While we indeed have our fair share of skeptics in our ranks regarding this subject matter, even they recognize that governments consistently deceive their citizens.

"So, while they may be skeptical of non-human intelligence visiting Earth, they still desire the truth behind the driving forces of these phenomena, regardless of whether they are extraterrestrial in nature.

"We are activists and truth seekers who have grown weary of the secrecy that hinders humanity's progress.

"Numerous whistleblowers have come forward shedding light on technological advancements made by aerospace companies involved in classified government black projects.

"The lack of accountability in government funding for these black projects troubles us, and we believe it is high time humanity learns the truth about what is truly transpiring.

"Anonymous has always been dedicated to moving society forward.

"We believe that everyone deserves freedom, regardless of their identity.

"However, how can one truly be free when governments continually deceive their citizens?

"Let’s set politics aside and realise that we all have been deprived of one of the most significant moments in human history (as attested by credible whistleblowers) – contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species has very possibly taken place.

"While we have been fighting over trivial matters, the unchecked influence of the Military Industrial Complex has persisted for far too long.

"We stand in solidarity with all movements that seek to uncover the truth.

"We stand united with whistleblowers and witnesses who have courageously come forward to shed light on the UFO and UAP phenomena.

"This subject has long been shrouded in taboo, exploited by many governments as a tool for psychological manipulation.

"Together, collectively, we can uncover the truth.

"We are working on a Secure Drop website which will be completely anonymous to those who use it. We will invite whistleblowers from around the globe to drop any information they can regarding the subjects of UAPs, UFOs, and extraterrestrial intelligences visiting our planet. We are one humanity.

"We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.''

Republican Senator Marco Rubio has said multiple whistleblowers with access to restricted government information have claimedfirst-hand knowledge of US activity involving UFOs.

The vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence said: "People who we entrusted to do some really important things for our country are saying some pretty incredible things that I think we have an obligation to take seriously and listen to.''

Attorney Daniel Sheehan, who represents several whistleblowers, said he had been told a real life Tardis had crash landed on Earth.

The mystery UFO – which had been recovered by the US Government – "distorted space-time" and was "bigger on the inside" making it just like the fictional spacecraft in BBC sci-fi series Dr Who.

Daniel refused to say where or when the UFO crashed or to what location the wreckage was recovered.

But the whistleblower has told government investigators tasked with probing up to 800 reported close encounters between military personnel and UFOs dating back eight decades.

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