Infamous ‘black triangle’ UFO caught hovering above home for an HOUR on security footage

AN infamous "black triangle" UFO was caught hovering over a home for an HOUR on security footage.

The unidentified object was spotted flying over a house in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

"Black Triangles" have been a common part of the UFO phenomena since the first wave of sightings back in the 1940s.

As their name suggests, the objects appear floating in the sky as dark triangular shapes often peppered with lights.

Some of the triangles have been described as up to 120 metres long and they appear to float silently.

The Huddersfield footage was first posted by UFO hunter Mick Proctor who runs the Skywatch Explorer YouTube channel.

Mick said he was given it by a man who wanted to remain anonymous.

"He said it was on his CCTV camera for an hour but could only send a 10 min version as the file was too big.

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"He didn’t want to give the exact location where he lives."

One fellow UFO enthusiast commented: "Maybe it’s air force training? It’s not the planet Venus."

The Pentagon allegedly has an incredible clear photo of a "Black Triangle" UFO spectacularly rising out of the ocean, which it has not yet released.

Ever since the photo's alleged existence was first reported in late 2020, UFO enthusiasts have been begging for its release.

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The object was described as a large triangle with "blunted" edges and spherical white "lights" on each corner – and the encounter is said to have occurred off the East Coast of the US.

The Sun understands the photo is highly classified because it was captured using military equipment by a US Navy pilot flying an F/A-18F Super Hornet.

Other famous "black triangle" sightings include the Phoenix Lights incident in Phoenix, Arizona in 1997.

Thousands across the city were left baffled when a string of unearthly lights came flying over in one of the strangest UFO encounters of all time.

In another encounter in 1990, two F-16 fighter jets in Belgium also reportedly encountered a "Black Triangle".

It was said the shape accelerated away at 1,120mph within seconds – a manoeuvre that "exceeded the limits of conventional aviation", according to the air force.

British military UFO investigation Project Condign – which ran from 1997 to 2000 – also makes mention of the shapes, but dismisses them as similar phenomena to ball lightning.

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It comes a week after the US held a landmark public hearing on UFOs in Washington D.C.

In the first hearing to discuss unidentified aerial phenomena – or UAPs – since the 60s, defense officials admitted there had been 400 sightings and 11 near miss collisions with UFOs.

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