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A SELF-confessed plastic surgery “addict” who has spent £70,000 on multiple procedures is now unrecognisable thanks to her 36NN breasts.

Amber May has been obsessed with enhancing her boobs and achieving her dream curvy body for years and has been under the knife eight times.

The model has had multiple boob jobs, Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs), two rhinoplasty surgeries plus a round of buccal fat removal.

And she has also undergone three rounds of full body liposuction, and has had facial fillers and work done on her teeth.

To date, the beaut from Leicestershire has spent £30,000 alone on her huge breasts and claims she struggles to tie her own shoe laces.

But that has not put her off, as she admitted that she wants to continue having surgery indefinitely.

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“I like to look fake,” she said.  

“I like looking different, every surgery I have I look forward to it like it’s a hobby, I’ve had eight in total now.

“I would say I’m addicted, I’m never nervous on the day I’m always excited."

Amber claims she has funded her extreme £70,000 transformation through selling her raunchy content online.

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Her OnlyFans page currently sits in the top 0.03% of creators – and the model says her followers love the way she presents herself.

"I like the curvy look, and my fans also really like to see me going bigger,” she said.

"I have lots of fans that pay to see my boobs get bigger as well.

"Now I have expander implants that I can get filled up while I'm awake. I plan to go as big as 4000cc, or maybe even more.

"I don't do it to attract or appeal to people, I do it for me. I like to look different and that's why I do it."

In the last two years, the implants have seen her bra size rise from a KK cup to a NN size.

And, as a result, her breasts weigh over a stone, thanks to the three litres of saline in each boob.


Amber’s first foray into breast enhancement came at 19 and soon she became fixated when punters began comparing her to a Barbie doll.

She explained: “I’d never planned to have multiple surgeries but now I love it and it is addictive!

“I’ve never really been compared to anyone since my surgeries although I’ve been called a 'bimbo' or a 'Barbie' which I really like.”

In recent years, Amber has shared her incredible transformation images on social media– including one snap that shows Amber three years ago before any surgeries.

And even today, Amber's family have had reservations about the changes she has made to her body.

“My close family have just accepted this is the way I am and the way I like to look, at first they thought I had some dysmorphia issues” she said.

“They have said they do want me to stop now and not take it too far, but they’ve kinda given up telling me.”

She added: “In public, however, sometimes I can feel insecure that people are staring at me, but overall I feel so much happier and better for the way I look now.

“I don’t entertain haters, everyone’s entitled to an opinion and we’re all entitled to look a certain way and change our looks so I’ll just keep doing me.”

Amber concluded that since her multiple body modifications, she is more comfortable than ever with who she is and can’t see a future without it.

“I have a lot more confidence. Before I never liked the way I looked naked or clothed, now no matter what I wear I feel sexy” she said.

“If I could choose one surgery it would be a BBL with bum implants. I love having a shape and a nice waist to hip ratio.

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“My goals for the future. I would like to have another boob job and a possible tummy tuck.

"My plan for the future is to keep bettering myself, work hard, and be happy.”

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