I'm a sex worker & I make money posting my bloated belly – I thought I knew the kinkiest fetishes but this surprised me

WITH the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy being such a hit with fans, there is plenty of talk about sexual fetishes.

One sex worker thought she knew all the kinkiest fetishes out there but there was one that left her surprised.

Evie Jones, from Melbourne, Australia, has been very open on her TikTok on all things sex work – from what it’s like working in the industry, how she got into the industry and even some embarrassing stories and situations that her job has found herself in.

But Evie has now revealed a new fetish that she has discovered, since she has been posting to TikTok.

One afternoon, after eating slightly too much lunch, Evie posted some videos to her TikTok, showing off her bloated belly.

But since she posted these videos, she has received numerous messages from people offering to pay her, for custom videos of her bloated belly.

Evie revealed that she knows a lot of kinky fetishes, as she has worked in the industry for many years and she knew that pregnancy was a fetish, but she didn’t realise that an actual bloated belly would appeal to people.

She explained: “I love my life. Just another day at the office of an adult content creator.”

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“So something kind of interesting and unexpected has developed from some of the TikToks I made.

“I thought I knew all the fetishes in the adult industry, I thought I knew it all, apparently I don’t.

“So the TikToks were I’m pretending to be pregnant with my big, bloated belly – people want to see more of that.

“And a few people have approached me, asking to pay me and make custom videos of my big, bloated belly.

“And I feel like this might be my calling.

“I always knew pregnancy was a fetish, but I didn’t know that having a big, bloated, full belly, full of food and farts and poo, would be of any interest to anyone.

“But, there you go.”

Evie has previously spoken on TikTok about some of the kinky fetishes

She now has 225.4k followers and a whopping 1.6million likes on TikTok.

Many people took to the comments to share that they also suffer with bloating and were joking that they could potentially work in the industry.

One person said: “Well, my endometriosis and IBS could make me some money finally.”

Another commented: “I am bloated all the time haha endometriosis life.”


There were other sex workers commenting and confirming that they are also aware of this peculiar fetish.

One user commented: “When I was pregnant men went crazy, they love it.”

Another added: “I normally get asked for before and after belly shots. Also had no idea it was a thing.”

The comments also had some people confirming that they have this fetish.
One person explained: “Absolutely a fetish.”

Another said: “It’s a kink that I like but don’t fully understand. Weirdly enough, being fat is far different than a bloated belly. A bloated belly is [fire emojis].”

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Also, I’m a 19 year old swinger – me and my man always get jealous but it doesn’t stop us loving one another.

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