I was turned down for a job because I’ve got ‘UK’s biggest PENIS’… I couldn’t believe it when they told me | The Sun

A MAN was left in shock when he was turned down for a job because of the size of his penis.

Joe, 22, opened up about the struggles of having to hide the huge bulge in his pants due to him being well-endowed.

He faces daily abuse as people wrongly assume he is walking around with an erection.

Appearing on Channel 4's show My Massive C**k, Joe revealed he was once turned down for a job because of his penis size.

After making it to the interview stage, he was told he didn't get the role because of "inappropriate behaviour" in the office.

Managers thought he had an erection and he was also told he wasn't dressed appropriately.


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Joe says the example is just one of many where his penis has got in the way of him living a normal life.

He shared stories about being ridiculed in public because people can see the outline through his pants.

Even though he wears special underwear to support it and make it less obvious, but it's not enough to stop people staring while he's walking down the street.

He said: "We usually have a tally to see how many people look."

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Joe revealed he faces harsh criticism from others who don't understand.

In an attempt to avoid tough times, he has to choose between staying at home or face going out to have people make jokes about his crotch.

With normal underwear out of the question, he's forced to spend £200 a month on special briefs that can support his 9.5in member that make it less obvious.

While it's unclear just who has the biggest penis in the UK, Joe'sbelieved to be one of the largest.

Standing 5ft and 6inches tall, Joe said his penis when it's erect is the equivalent of about one-twelfth of his height.

He said: "The scaling is off. It's thicker than my forearm.

"It's not the best look in the world."


Joe was 14 years old when a football buddy made a joke about the size of his penis for the first time – and he says the jabs haven't stopped since.

All of Joe's friends know he's well-endowed, but he made a mould of his penis to show them just how big it is.

With the imprint sitting on the table in front of them, one pal said: "You can't look away from it".

Relationships have been difficult for him, meeting women who are either interested in sex with him to see what it's like while others are too intimidated by its size.

Another man, Matt, who spoke on the TV show says he also struggles to find someone to settle down with due to his 10.5in penis.

He has to use special condoms for intercourse, and has felt lightheaded when he's at his most engorged.

His size is forcing him to try and take extreme measures like considering penis reduction surgery.

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The doctor he sees tells Matt most people are looking for an enlargement but understands why he wants a reduction as hears about the issues he's had in life.

The average length of a penis, acknowledged by most medical staff around the world is just over 5inches long. 

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