‘I refuse to leave UK’s ghost town estate abandoned by all but me and 4 others’

A bloke living in the UK's abandoned "Chernobyl" estate has claimed he will never leave, despite the street being constantly set on fire.

Clune Park in Glasgow, Scotland, has been earmarked for demolition but even its inevitable destruction is not enough to shift one of the area's last residents.

Marshal Craig, 70, is adamant on remaining on the estate, where the number of smashed windows far exceeds the amount of intact ones.

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A total of 430 rotting apartments make up the area, with a councillor likening the area to Chernobyl, which has seen Marshal "holding the fort" with four other people.

Speaking of the "idyllic" streets, Marshal said: "I know it's rough sometimes and people come in and smash stuff but I'm perfectly happy here and I don't want to leave.

"In some ways it's quite idyllic. My house is built like a castle. The walls are thick and sturdy, there's a nice view and no dampness."

The 70-year-old has warned he will be "tying myself to the radiator" if council workers attempt to extract him from his property, where he has lived for 20 years.

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Marshal refuses to move out of the area, saying all it needs is a bit of a do up so people can be housed in them as they are "good solid buildings."

He did concede, however, that anti-social behaviour made the place less-than luxurious, saying: "The fire damage and broken windows are the worst thing.

"I probably call the fire brigade more than anyone else and when I hear a fire engine now I don't even get up to see what's going on anymore. It's just part of the background now."

Inverclyde Council is adamant he and the rest of the Clune Park residents vacate their property after a "frustratingly slow and costly" progress over claiming back the area.

They said: "It remains our ambition to acquire properties at Clune Park to allow for the delivery of long term regeneration of the area."

But regeneration is far from ideal for Marshal, who lives in one of 430 derelict flats, 310 of which are one-bedroom homes long abandoned by their previous incumbents.

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Speaking of the area in its prime, Marshal said: "When I first moved here there was a lot more people, but now it's pretty much empty.

"Now, out of the 480 families that would be able to stay here, there's only five of us left holding down the fort. They're great neighbours. I think I'll be tying myself to the radiator if they make me move out."

The Daily Star previously reported plans for the street, with councillor Stephen McCabe labelling the area "somewhere like Chernobyl."

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