I made a joke about Ryanair's cramped seats – I wasn't expecting how savage their response would be | The Sun

A MAN who made a joke about Ryanair's cramped seats has spoken out after receiving a savage response from the airline.

Noah Ellis, 20, couldn't have prepared himself for one of the infamous putdowns for which the budget operator's social media team have become famous.

Noah, from Manchester, took a dig at the legroom available on his flight to Krakow, Poland, on Thursday.

The 6ft 6in student tweeted a picture of himself wedged into his seat, asking for more space without having to pay the extra £20 cost.

However, when he landed, he turned on his phone to see a scorching reply to his post.

The company had taken a shot of his head from his original photo and pasted onto the body of a little girl in a car seat.


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A stunned Noah told the Manchester Evening News: "In the past, I've paid for extra legroom.

"But the flights were quite expensive and it would have been 40 quid for both ways so I just thought to myself 'I'll be fine'.

"It wasn't a proper complaint, it was just a bit of a joke. and to see if we could get them to say something.

"I know the reputation they've got on Twitter and have seen their responses to stuff about window seats and stuff like that before."

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Though he admitted he hadn't expected them to reply, he found the post "really funny".

He added that his mates are "loving it" and he has already sheepishly booked an extra legroom seat for the way back.

Ryanair have gained notoriety online for their inventive and hilarious put-downs of customer complaints.

The airline left opinions divided with a cheeky response to one passenger who was furious after paying for a window seat with no window in May.

Meanwhile, they hit back at another passenger who moaned about their window seat and demanded a £7 refund by pointing out that they "don't sell windows".

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