How do I write a CV for a manicurist?

A manicurist is a highly sought-after professional in the field of nail art who takes care of the nail plate on the hands, as well as the hands in general and nail design.

Currently, the profession is popular, because well-groomed hands are one of the components of human attractiveness in general, and modern durable nail coatings allow busy women to always have strong, healthy and painted nails.

A manicurist is a profession in which success is determined by two main factors – the professionalism of the employee and the ability to present oneself, that is, to create the very personal brand about which so much is spoken and written today. The better known a manicurist is, the more clients he has.

If a manicurist arranged to work in a beauty salon, it is important to properly compose a resume and do not forget to include all of your achievements that will set you apart in the masses of other artists. You don’t have to be more professional, but you should be able to assert your professionalism.

Requirements to the master of manicure

A nail tech resume starts with a list of personal details. They are standard: full name, registration address, date of birth, marital status, nationality.

Education does not play a special role in the successful career of a manicurist, but specify, it is still worthwhile. For example, customers of elite beauty salons will be more pleasant to communicate with a master who has a college degree, though in a completely different specialty.

If you attended manicure courses, any other courses and seminars in the beauty industry – be sure to specify them.

Pay particular attention to the columns “Professional Skills” and “Professional Achievements”. They will give the employer an idea of what you know and how you can be useful. But don’t ignore the columns “Personal qualities” and “Additional knowledge and skills”. If you’re a hairdresser, for example, it might just help you get a job as well.

A good manicurist is someone who is familiar with modern techniques, coatings and new nail design techniques.

A competent technician is sure to know the structure of the nail plate, peculiarities of its growth and recovery, as well as be familiar with basic nail diseases.

Knowledge of the rules of disinfection and sterilisation of manicure equipment and tools is another requirement for this profession.

Duties of a manicurist

The main duties of this professional include the following:

  • Disinfecting tools and appliances, organising his or her workplace correctly;
  • Carrying out trimming, non-cutting, European and other types of manicure;
  • Decorative manicure application, including coatings with different designs;
  • Conducting of procedures for hand and nail care (paraffin therapy, hand massage, etc.)
  • Providing personalised advice.