Horror moment monster avalanche hurtles towards snowmobilers before burying them

An outdoor pursuits enthusiast has shared terrifying footage of the moment he and some friends were caught in an an avalanche while skiing and snowmobiling.

Big outdoors fan Miles Penrose had been enjoying perfect powder snow conditions in the Uinta Mountains in the south of Wyoming.

The thrill seeker was with friends as they skied around – while others enjoyed racing around on snowmobiles.

However, the happy afternoon of snow sports turned to terror as a giant wall of snow came tumbling down the mountain towards the group.

Heart-pounding footage showed the moment the snow hurtled towards miles and his friends.

They try to scoot off but within seconds, the camera blacks out as the avalanche hits.

A second video shows how they managed to escape alive, but one of Miles is friends is completely submerged by the snow.

In the caption to the nail-biting pictures and videos, he wrote: “As I turned and looked up I could see the snow wave coming. My brothers back was turned and I screamed avalanche as loud as I could.

“Now here comes my mistake #1. I pulled my klim avalanche backpack and boom, nothing happened. I hadn’t turned it on. A second later the snow hit and the swimming started.

“Somehow I only moved about 20 yards and stayed on top of the snow (MIRACLE) . Only being buried to my lower chest I dug myself out.

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“My little brothers sled was running and I could hear the yelling on the radio. I could hear someone in the trees, but I couldn’t figure out where. I ran to my brothers sled and turned it off. I now could hear him screaming my name.

“Mistake #2 had I not been able to hear his voice I would of been lost. My beacon, probe, and shovel were all in my backpack but I would of had no clue what to do first.”

Explaining his panic, he said there was "no worse feeling than having your little brother buried". Thankfully, he followed his voice and found him after digging.

“My youngest brother was able to out run it so was one of our other friends," he continued.

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“Our 2 other friends both got hit with the wave on the FLATS. Craig and his sled were both buried. Craig got his shoot off in time, which ultimately probably saved his life. The person filming (Nate) was buried to about his face and somehow was able to hold on to his phone.”

The dramatic story – and accompanying video – left followers shocked, but everyone was glad the group survived the fighting event.

One follower summed up the feelings of many who watched the video and read the tale, commenting: “Goood Lord. Glad y’all are okay.”

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