Hitler's toilet seat sells for £14,000 after being looted by US soldiers from his Bavarian retreat in WWII

ADOLF Hitler's personal toilet seat from his mountain hideaway has fetched £13,750 at auction.

The bizarre World War II relic sparked a bidding frenzy between collectors flush with cash at the sale in the US.

The white wooden seat – eventually sold for £13,750 ($18,750) – was looted by an “enterprising” young US soldier from the dictator's private bathroom at the Berghof, his retreat in the Bavarian Alps.

Ragnvald C Borch was one of the first Americans on the scene as he was fluent in German and French and sent to liaise with the French 2nd Armoured Division.

He told by senior officers to “get what you want” from the Berghof, which had been badly damaged by Allied bombing in the last days of the war.

When asked by another G.I holding a chandelier why he was taking a toilet seat as a keepsake, Sergeant Borch replied: “Where do you think Hitler put his ass?”

He shipped it back from nearby Berchtesgaden to his family home in New Jersey, where he put it on display in his basement.

With the soldier's son now selling the trophy taken from the Fuhrer, Bill Panagopulos of Alexander Auctions hailed the 16-inch wide seat as "one of a kind".

He said: “This was as close to a 'throne' as the dictator would ever get.

“One can scarcely imagine the plotting the tyrant undertook while contemplating the world from atop this perch."

The seat was among a host of looted “spoils of war” up for grabs in the auction in Chesapeake City, Maryland.

Hitler's personal porcelain shaving mug, bearing his portrait, that was taken from his Munich apartment fetched £15,600.

The Fuhrer's personal monogrammed hairbrush was also seized from the Berghof by a member of the US Parachute Infantry Regiment.

Four exceptionally rare small strands of Hitler's hair removed from the brush went for £1,650.

Meanwhile, a pair of floral lace knickers belonging to Hitler's wife Eva Braun, embroidered with her initials, raised £1,300.

Her matching pink nightie also went for £1,300 while a pair of her stockings fetched £350.

Mr Panagopulos said: "How could we possibly embarrass and denigrate Hitler more than offer his toilet seat and his wife's undies?

"The image of Hitler on the throne is just ridiculous."

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