Hilarious moment baby pretends to be asleep to her mother at naptime

Little terror: Hilarious moment baby girl pretends to be asleep after her mother catches her messing around at naptime

  • Emma Hore, 23, from Cornwall, shared her one-year-old’s dramatic performance
  • Baby Emelia Harper is seen playing in her cot when she hears her mother say ‘no’ 
  • She comically drops down to her blanket, pretending to be sound asleep 

A mother has shared the hilarious moment her baby pretends to be asleep after she catches her messing around in her cot at naptime.

Emma Hore, 23, from Saltash, Cornwall, was checking on one-year-old Emelia Harper via her video baby monitor when she noticed the tiny troublemaker was not settling down for her afternoon snooze.

The video shows mischievous Emelia playing and pouring milk down the side of her cot, unaware that her mother is watching her through the device. 

To her surprise she suddenly hears her mother’s voice say ‘Emelia, No’, over the monitor.

The little actress looks around for her mother before quickly collapsing into her blankets and pretending to be asleep. 

At which point her mother can be heard breaking out in hysterical laughter at the little one’s dramatic performance.  

Baby Emelia Harper, one-year-old, is seen playing whilst she is meant to be napping as her mother watches through the baby monitor at their home in Saltash, Cornwall

The youngster dramatically ducks and pretends to be asleep after hearing her mother’s voice say ‘No Emelia’ over the monitor

Ms Hore tells the camera: ‘Literally cracking up Emelia was just doing that [pouring milk on her cot] and I spoke to her on the monitor and she pretended she was asleep.’  

The baby stays lying down for a moment before deciding the coast was clear to pop back up and continue playing. 

Ms Hore, a student nurse, said: ‘The video made me and our family and friends smile.

‘I hope the video puts a smile on people’s faces.’

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