‘Headache’ after robbery turned out to be bullet hole in back of man’s head

A man who was left thinking robbers had knocked him out found he had been shot in the back of the head after a hospital trip.

The unnamed bloke, aged 38, was robbed in Argentina and passed out in the streets of La Plata following the chilling encounter.

But a trip to San Martín Hospital to treat some horrifying pain and a splitting headache found he had been shot in the head, with doctors saying he had not been beaten in the head, but shot.

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Amazingly enough, the bullet managed to dodge the crucial bits of his brain and did not affect the man in any way beyond the major headache.

Despite the usual death occurring from gunshot wounds to the head, the bullet managed to not destroy any crucial brain matter.

Instead, the unnamed 38-year-old was left with a splitting headache which, in 90% of cases according to Newsweek, would be a fatal encounter with a bullet travelling at 2,000 feet per second.

Surprisingly, it is not the first incident of a man being shot in the head and suffering a headache, without realising they had been the victim of a gunshot wound.

Michael Moylan was left with a severe headache which turned out to be a bullet lodged behind his right ear, ABC News reported back in 2007.

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As it turned out, Michael had been shot in the head by his wife, April Moylan, who was jailed on a weapons violation charge.

The pain Mr Moylan suffered from was so bad he feared he was suffering an aneurism, with doctors eventually finding he had been shot in the head.

A nurse at the time said to the gunshot victim: "It appears that you've been shot."

Michael survived the ordeal which left him in an emergency room, which his wife fled after dropping her husband off at the hospital.

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