Gun-toting robot dog can be dropped behind enemy lines by drone in secret attack

A terrifying video has emerged showing a gun-toting robot dog getting dropped off from distance.

The four-legged Chinese-made robot, which borrowed the looks of "Spot" from Boston Dynamics, left viewers feeling eerily in scenes resembling dystopian sci-fi drama Black Mirror.

Video shared by Chinese company "Kestrel Defence", the agile robotic dog folds in a compact size as it is being transferred by a drone from one location to another.

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It is equipped with a machine gun, which contains one round of ammunition – about 75 bullets.

Kestrel Defence explained that the robot dog can be "air dropped" to behind enemy lines as a tactic to "weaken the enemy".

The four-legged machine can also be droppedo on rooftops to take advantage of any sniping locations to "suppress firepower".

It can also launch drone grenade, similar to a pocket-size flying bomb .

The video sent chills to viewers as many expressed concerns of the future warfare.

One said: "This is our future. Let's hope it's not as accurate at shooting then."

A second wrote: "I don't want to be in a Black Mirror episode, make it stop!"

"Working on such a project is so immoral, it could drive you made, my God, what are they thinking?" a third added.

Kestrel Defence said their robot dog has a battery reserve of up to four hours and it is designed to "work closely with a single infantry soldier".

"The longest patrol time is currently at 43 minutes," they added in a comment.

But some questioned the practicality of the robot dog, with one writing: "Any trained soldier with acute shooting skills can take this robot dog in seconds."

Another said: "It looks cool but that's more or less about it. It's useless after firing all bullets."

"It's adding burden to the soliders in my opinion, who's going to carry it when it runs out of battery?" a third asked.


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