Gun-toting mob breaks into shelter and slaughters 29 dogs ‘after one bit child’

An armed gang of "monsters" burst into an animal shelter on Saturday, July 9, and shot and killed 29 dogs – leaving several others badly injured.

One pup is still at the vets fighting for his life.

The attack, on PAWS Rescue Qatar kennels, reportedly took place because a dog had bitten a small boy.

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A Facebook post from the charity explained: "On the first day of Eid a group of men (but let’s call them monsters) threatened security guards with guns and entered a secure factory area.

“They informed the security team they were there to shoot the dogs because they had bitten one of their sons.

“They proceeded to then shoot 29 dogs & puppies and left several others badly injured. These are dogs that were being fed and cared for in a managed TNR [trap–neuter–release] way, food was being donated by rescuers, these were friendly happy dogs.”

Because at least two of the attackers were carrying pistols, staff at the shelter felt they couldn’t protect the dogs without risking their own lives: "Security team were rightfully scared as two of the men were holding guns,” they said.

“The security team tried to stop the men from shooting a group of beautiful friendly neutered dogs, but they realised that they were also putting themselves in danger also.”

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Facebook users were outraged at the barbaric attack. One, Karen Laidlaw, wrote: “I honestly can’t believe what I’m reading. What kind of human beings walk into a secure facility armed and proceed to shoot and kill so many innocent dogs? I feel sick that guns are so readily available for the loss of innocent lives like this. Surely there has to be some justice for such a horrific attack.”

It’s not easy to obtain a firearms licence in Qatar, and some commenters speculated that the weapons used in the horrific attack could be illegal.

The PAWS Facebook post concluded: “Why did these men think it’s acceptable to leave the frightened security team to pick up the bodies of dogs they have been looking after for years?

“If these monsters can kill so easily and threaten men, what will they do next?”


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