Golden retriever’s sweetest reaction to calling owner ‘mama’ melts hearts

A golden retriever has become an internet sensation when a touching video went viral showing him calling his owner "mama".

The adorable dog, named Xiao Shi (roughly translated as Little Ten in English), learned the Chinese word for "mum" when he was only five months old.

Owner Ms Wang said it became a routine that her pet came to her bed and woke her up by calling her "mama".

Videos shared on her Douyin account shows the first encounter when Ms Wang asks Xiao Shi to say "mama".

The smart furry boy sits in front of her and knowingly says: "Mama."

Ms Wang repeats the command and says: "Xiao Shi, say 'mama'."

In a later video she posted on Thursday, April 1, the golden retriever sits by Ms Wang's bedside and waits for her to wake up.

The gentle canine places his paws on the bed and looks at his owner before he yowls "mama".

Ms Wang, from the city of Chengde in Hebei province, northern China, told local media that it was the sweetest moment when her pet called her mum.

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She said: "I was teaching him the word since he was five months old and one day, he responded and said 'mama' to me.

"I felt the warmth from the bottom of my heart and was left to tears when I first heard it.

"He is like a small child to me."

Viewers have their hearts melted when they saw Xiao Shi's reaction.

A dog lover said: "Oh sweet boy, the dog is too cute. Please take good care of him!"

"You can tell from his eyes that he loves you so much," a second added and a third wrote: "That's a smart golden retriever, I wish mine could say 'mama'."

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