Girl, 9, dies in her sleep on dad's birthday three days after testing positive for Covid – despite having mild symptoms

A GIRL has died in her sleep on her dad's birthday three days after testing positive for Covid – despite having mild symptoms.

Makenzie Gongora, nine, tested positive on January 29 after she began suffering from headaches and vomiting.

She was taken to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas by her mom Kristle.

Doctors told Ms Gongora to take her daughter home while "making her comfortable and monitoring her fever", Makenzie's aunt Victoria Southworth told Today.

She said: "Kenzie did not have any respiratory issues. There was nothing major going on.

"All the symptoms were mild."

Makenzie began to feel tired and was put to bed by her mom on February 1.

The little girl died in her sleep that night, on her dad Nathan's birthday.

Another aunt, Erica Gongora, said Makenzie's mom checked her as she was sleeping and found she was no longer breathing.

Ms Southworth said: "She was small, petite, kind of like a little pixie fairy, but very protective and sweet and loving and just very affectionate.

"[She] wanted to be everybody's friend. Leaves a huge hole in our hearts, that's for sure."


Makenzie's family doesn't believe she had any underlying conditions.

Her body has been sent to a lab in Dallas for testing, and an autopsy hasn't been performed.

Her official cause of death is yet to be confirmed but Makenzie's family believe Covid killed her, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

Ms Southworth said: "Our family suspects it because we don't know of anything else that could have caused this.

"Covid knows no age limit – my niece was 9, hadn't even hit double digits yet. Covid is awful."

Makenzie's dad Nathan and sister Sophia have tested positive for the bug, and the family is in quarantine.

A GoFundMe fundraising page has been set up to cover Makenzie's funeral costs.

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