Ghost hunters can explore and dine in cellar of one of UK’s most haunted hotels

Ghost hunters have the chance to explore and eat in the dark, spooky cellars of Brighton's oldest and most haunted hotel.

The Old Ship Hotel's original structure was reportedly built from ships’ timbers and was first mentioned in 1665.

Since then the hotel has had a rich and varied history, as it also grew in size with the assembly rooms and ballroom being added in 1767.

Further extensions to the building were carried out in 1794, and again in 1835. In its heyday, many distinguished guests stayed at the hotel including, Charles Dickens, Henry Irvin, William Makepeace Thackeray, and even Winston Churchill.

So, perhaps that is why it has come to be known for being home to a number of ghoulish guests.

Among some of the most famous ghost stories from the sight was that of a young chambermaid while working in the west wing of the building, claimed she had witnessed two apparitions.

Upon entering one of the bedrooms which she had believed to have been empty, was startled to see a man and woman sitting on the bed, feeling embarrassed by her intrusion she apologised but the two figures quickly faded away.

In 1986 a night porter was busily cleaning the stage area when he was startled to see a vague, misty figure which appeared to be a human shape began to glide, rather than walk, along the wall to his left.

A more disturbing apparition appeared to two other porters the following year, as both men were chatting in the main foyer when they became aware of a strange mist emanating around the lower part of the stairs.

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The men were left shaking in their shoes after seeing a small child, softly weeping within the vapour. before the apparition vanished.

To this day, sightings are still being reported from the hotel, and now explorers are being given the chance to see it for themselves.

Ghost Walk Of The Lane posted to Facebook offering the spooky experience on November 5 for £49 per person.

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The event will include a 75-minute tour of Brighton’s most haunted quarter in the company of Silas the Ghost Walker from Brighton’s famous Ghost Walk of the Lanes, visiting eight haunted locations.

Visitors will then return to the hotel for a welcome glass of wine, and a three-course meal in the hotel’s historic 400-year-old cellars.

If you are interested in being scared out your whites for dinner, visit their website here.

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