Furious mum claims she was ‘ambushed’ by lockdown police despite obeying rules

A woman has described how she was fined for breaching lockdown rules even though, she claims, she "checked the rules before travelling" and thought she was obeying them.

The angry mother said she was made to feel like a criminal after being "ambushed" by police and handed a £30 fine while visiting a Welsh beauty spot.

She was stopped near Aber Falls, Abergwyngregyn, by an "unsympathetic" WPC. She had travelled with her children from their home in Colwyn Bay, a little over half an hour away by road.

The mum, who asked not to be named, said she had researched the Welsh Government’s strict guidelines regarding how people can exercise locally.

She didn’t believe she was breaking the rules, even though she saw another family hiding from the police as she descended from Aber Falls towards the car park, NorthWalesLive reports.

"I thought it was a case of using common sense," she said.

"To exercise locally, to avoid anywhere crowded and to socially distance at all times.

"When we arrived there weren’t many cars parked up and on the walk, we only saw three other families. In fact, the closest we came to anyone was when the lady police officer approached us.

"As we came down the path, we saw the police in the car park – and we saw a family hiding from them," she said.

"I just carried on because I really didn’t think we had done anything wrong.

"When speaking to the police officer, I wasn’t able to ask questions or explain my position. I was just given a fine. The police should be here to protect and serve the public."

She continued: "As the exercise rules are so unclear, and seem to be changing every day, they should be advising us on what we can and cannot do.

"I’ve always taught my children to respect the police," she added, "but after this, my boy is now scared of them".

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