Furious couple forces whole plane to disembark after refusing to leave jet

An entire plane filled with Thanksgiving travellers was forced to disembark after two passengers barged on trying to skip baggage fees.

The Frontier Airlines flight was in Denver, Colorado, USA, as the couple piled onto the plane with an incorrect boarding pass.

Footage of the weird outbreak was posted on Instagram, with one of the passengers being heard saying: “We’re tired!”

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The incident took place on Tuesday (November 22) and was later posted online, documenting how all passengers had to get off the plane in order to allow law enforcement in to deal with the troublemakers.

The couple is understood to have attempted to get on board with oversized baggage without paying for it.

The poster of the video wrote: “This couple bolted through and skipped bag measures and boarding pass scanning. Refused to get off the plane.

“Cops came on after we deplaned and escorted them off… They went on the no-fly list.”

Other reports claim the poster said: “This couple bum-rushed through bag measuring and boarding pass scanning and just ran on board."

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The passengers were initially confronted by the airline’s staff, who can be head saying: “You guys need to come out or we’re gonna have to deplane the entire plane.”

The unruly passengers can be heard protesting their removal, complaining about the long journey they’ve had.

They said: “We’re tired! We’ve been flying for 20 motherf***ers hours with our money. You don’t know what the f*** we’ve been through.”

“We paid for our ticket just like y’all. We paid just like y’all. I’m not getting off the plane.”

Reports now claim that the footage has now been deleted.

The two disruptive passengers are understood to have been on the receiving end of insults from the passengers forced to get off the flight.

The Daily Star has approached Frontier Airlines for comment on the situation.

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