Flood warnings across country as up to 200mm of torrential rain set to fall

Up to 200m, or nearly eight inches of rain, is set to batter the UK within 24 hours, forcing Met Office forecasters to issue weather warnings for flooding.

For many, Saturday, February 20 will be a washout, with six warnings for rain in place across parts of England, Scotland and Wales.

The latter is expected to see the worst of the downpours, with the rainfall likely to carry on into the evening, risking disruption to transport and possible power cuts.

Other areas of the country have highs of 17C to look forward to, a high many wouldn't have predicted a week ago during bitterly cold Storm Darcy, which blanketed the UK in snow.

Steve Willington, Chief Forecaster with the Met Office, said Brits "main focus" this weekend should be "on the heavy and prolonged rainfall."

He said there is "parts of the warning area" which could see "some locations receiving around 200m of rain."

The forecaster added that there is a "pattern of yellow weather warnings in operation until Sunday," with an Amber warning, the country's second most serious, in place until 6pm on Saturday.

Mr Willington said: "Mild air – from much further south in the Atlantic – is being directed towards the UK.

"Although this will keep temperatures much higher than average, the main focus should be on the heavy and prolonged rainfall.

"There are a number of Yellow national severe weather warnings for rain currently in force and with the prolonged rainfall, we have a pattern of Yellow warnings in operation until Sunday.

"Of most concern is rainfall in South Wales and here an Amber warning for rain for part of the region is in force until 6pm on Saturday.

"In parts of the warning area, we could see some locations receiving around 200mm of rain during the warning period."

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After the wet spell, the UK could have its warmest weekend for nearly five months as March approaches and February draws to a close.

A plume of warm air from Spain will see temperatures surge to their highest since early October over the next few days.

The Met Office say highs of up to 17c are possible but anyone hoping the cold snap is over should think again.

According to new weather maps freezing temperatures and snowfall could return as soon as March 2.

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