Five-month-old baby is crushed to death by suicidal man

Five-month-old baby is crushed to death after suicidal man jumps from 17th floor and lands on the boy’s pram, killing both of them in front of the child’s mother

  • Baby Ilya was crushed to death after a man collapsed on its pram in Voronezh
  • The unnamed man is said to have jumped from the 17th floor of a building
  • He died on the spot and the child died in an ambulance during resuscitation 

A five-month-old baby boy has died after a suicidal man jumped from the 17th floor of a building and landed on the child’s pram in Russia, killing them both. 

The horrifying incident occurred on Thursday in the south-western city of Voronezh and was captured by a street surveillance camera.

The footage shows a mother pushing the pram with her child Ilya inside while taking a walk along a pavement near an apartment block.

She turns to the left, going to cross a road, when a man collapses on the pram, smashing it to pieces and causing the infant to fall out on the tarmac.

‘The man who fell upon the pram died. And the five-month-old baby, who was inside the pram, died in the ambulance’, a police source confirmed. 

Seconds from disaster: A woman pushes her five-month-old baby in a pram – moments before a man comes crashing down from the 17th floor of the building behind her 

Collapse: The man who fell on the pram died at the scene while the five-month-old baby, who was inside the pram died in the ambulance, a police source confirmed

Subsequent footage shows the terrified mother rushing to her child while the man remains motionless on the tarmac with a pool of blood growing under his head.

The distraught woman can be seen picking the baby up and holding it in her hands while reportedly crying for help.

Shocked witnesses called an ambulance and the police.

Paramedics arrived at the scene within several minutes and tried to revive the boy – but despite all their efforts, he died.

The man was announced dead at the scene. He died immediately on the spot, according to reports.

Medics had to inject the mother with sedatives, onlookers said. The baby was her firstborn child, say local media.  

Detectives are now working at the scene. Police have yet to comment on the details of the incident.

Aftermath: Police officers stand near an ambulance following the horrifying incident in Voronezh, Russia, on Thursday 

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