Fireball seen blazing across the night's sky in Colorado

Meteor in Colorado skies lights the night sky as fireball causes panic

  • A bright meteor was seen moving across the night’s sky in Colorado on Sunday 
  • The fireball crossed the sky about 3:30am over Broomfield, north of Denver 
  • Footage shows a bright flash in the sky as the meteor breaks into smaller pieces
  • One onlooker said it was moving fast across the sky and lit up his neighborhood

A bright meteor seen blazing across the night sky in Colorado sparked a brief moment of panic among residents. 

Footage shows the moment the fireball crossed the sky around 3:30am Sunday morning in Broomfield, about 25 minutes north of Denver. 

The clip shows the meteor flashing brightly in the sky before scattering into smaller pieces as it fades out of view. 

At least 30 people spotted the meteor as it passed overhead, according to the American Meteor Society. 

A bright meteor was seen moving across the night sky in Colorado Sunday

One onlooker said it was moving fast across the sky and lit up his neighborhood 

One onlooker said it was moving quickly across the sky and lit up his whole neighborhood, KTLA reported. 

Locals shared a series of videos to Reddit, with one person saying it was ‘incredible’ to witness. 

‘Absolutely the most incredible meteor I’ve seen. Huge, bright, there were giant sparks coming off of it. Incredible,’ they said. 

Others were a little confused at first while trying to figure out what it could have been. 

‘I thought I was going crazy, it was beautiful,’ one person said. 

‘Thought it was thunder, but nothing on the radar!’ shared another. 

‘I’ve never seen anything like it!’ wrote someone else. 

One nurse who worked a nightshift, said she stepped outside on break just at the right moment. 

The meteor crossed the sky above Broomfield, north of Denver, around 3:30am

‘It literally lit up the whole area with a blue light and was huge in the sky,’ they said. 

‘In the few seconds I saw it it cast these long shadows from the tree and other objects near by that moved as the object passed through the sky – you could see the tail and the fluctuation of color on the surface as different elements burned up. 

‘I was waiting for the boom of the impact but it never happened lol.’ 

It comes after a massive fireball lit up the sky over the south. More than 50 sightings across Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida of a massive fireball flying through the sky were recorded by the American Meteor Society.

Witnesses said they saw a bright falling object light up the sky ‘like fireworks’ on July 24 around 4:30am. 

Multiple recordings of the bright burst of falling light show flashed of green, blue, orange and yellow light.

One person from Frankston, Texas, said they’d seen falling stars but nothing like it.

‘It was very clear and very vivid. I could see the heat coming off front circling around in a flame and trailing a trail of fire behind its path,’ they shared.

Earlier this month, an amateur astronomer was snapping images of the supermoon over West Virginia Wednesday morning when a giant fireball exploded in the sky as it fell from space. 

Bill Stewart, from Ceredo, was perched on his rooftop to capture the brilliant moon when he saw a blazing streak in the sky that ‘made two audible booms.’  

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