FBI offers $50k for bomb suspect after IEDs left outside RNC and DNC

FBI hunts MAGA mob pipe bomber: Feds offer $50,000 to catch suspect who left outside RNC and DNC headquarters less than half a mile from deadly Capitol riot

  • Pipe bombs were left outside the Republican and Democratic headquarters 
  • The buildings, just blocks from each other, are less than half a mile from Capitol 
  • FBI released image of hooded suspect, wearing mask and gloves carrying object
  • Comes after 81 arrested over riots at Capitol Wednesday which left five dead – another 36 suspects are being sought over vandalism, looting and inciting riot

The FBI is offering a $50,000 reward for information about pipe bombs which were discovered at the Republican and Democratic committee headquarters in DC.

The agency released an image today of a hooded suspect wearing a mask, gloves and carrying an object on Wednesday as hundreds of Donald Trump supporters rioted in the Capitol. 

One of the improvised explosive devices was pictured on the ground outside the Republican National Committee headquarters, just over 600 yards away from the besieged legislature.

A second bomb, which has not been pictured, was discovered just a few blocks away beside the Democratic National Committee headquarters.

It comes after 81 people were arrested at the Capitol on Wednesday – with the police seeking another 36 suspects – after the mob scaled the Senate and House Chambers, vandalized statues, fired tear gas and defaced property. 

The FBI released an image today of a hooded person wearing a mask, gloves and carrying an object as hundreds of Donald Trump supporters rioted in the Capitol on Wednesday

Police in Washington, DC, found two pipe bombs near the Capitol after protesters stormed the building on Wednesday. An image of the pipe bomb (pictured), shows it lying on the ground of the near the Republican National Committee headquarters

The RNC is just over 600 yards away from the steps of the US Capitol, while the DNC is just over 700 yards from the same building

Both the RNC and DNC headquarters were evacuated following the discovery of the IEDs and the bomb squad was called in to dispose of them. 



Brian Sicknick, who was in his 40s, died on Thursday after he was allegedly struck over the head with a fire extinguisher. 


Ashli Babbit, 35, San Diego, California – (gunshot wound)

Rosanne Boyland, 34, Kennesaw, Georgia (unspecified medical emergency).

Kevin Greeson, 55, Athens, Alabama – (unspecified medical emergency).

Benjamin Phillips, 50, Ringtown, Pennsylvania – (unspecified medical emergency). 

Five people died at the Capitol on Wednesday, including four protesters and a police officer, after hundreds made their way inside to demand that the general election be overturned.

In addition to the IEDs, police found an icebox filled with a rifle and Molotov cocktails on the Capitol grounds. 

According to the Justice Department, an individual who had 11 Molotovs ‘ready to go’ was arrested on Wednesday. 

Trump condemned the violence after having initially praised his supporters, adding that the protesters had ‘defiled the seat of American democracy’ and that they must be held accountable.

Senators and Congressmen were forced to evacuate after hundreds of rioters stormed the legislature, smashing windows and engaging in looting.  

Experts say some could face the rarely used seditious conspiracy charge – which former attorney general William Barr’s Justice Department threatened to use against those who caused violence at BLM protests last summer. 

Acting US attorney for DC Michael Sherwin said 55 cases have been charged so far, but warned it is ‘just the beginning.’ 

Fifteen federal cases were expected to be filed on Thursday for crimes including unauthorized access and theft of property, and investigators are combing through reams of evidence to bring additional charges. 

He said 40 other cases have already been charged in a District of Columbia superior court.  

WANTED: Federal and local authorities are trying to track down at least 36 suspects – in addition to the 68 already arrested – who stormed the US Capitol building, defaced property, fired tear gas and trashed officers on Wednesday in chaotic scenes

Police on Thursday released photos of members of the violent Trump mob wanted on federal charges after storming the US Capitol building

Dozens of Trump loyalists were photographed breaking windows, entering both the Senate and House chambers and going into the offices of lawmakers at the Capitol Wednesday 

The FBI is now working with various law enforcement agencies to identify perpetrators and charge people with federal crimes

Photos of the suspects were revealed at a press conference on Thursday as a growing number of politicians, including President-elect Joe Biden and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, have blamed Trump for the violent uprising that left four people dead. 

More than 50 Capitol and DC police were also injured in the riot, including several who were hospitalized. 

Some of the assailants have already been identified through social media – such as the horned QAnon ‘Shaman’ Jake Angeli and a MAGA fan whose marketing company fired him when they spotted his work lanyard around his neck – but the rest are wanted by law enforcement, and a huge manhunt has been launched across DC and the country. 

The first few defendants charged in the chaos appeared in DC Superior Court on Thursday, CNN reported. 

Jared Amos, 38, of Florida, pleaded not guilty to unlawful entry to Capitol grounds and violating Mayor Bowser’s 6pm curfew. 

David Ross, 33, of Massachusetts, also pleaded guilty to the same charges. Both men have been ordered to stay away from DC area unless they are attending court hearings.

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