Family hamster ‘eaten by their dog’ makes return 17 months later

A shocked family is celebrating after a hamster they believed had been eaten by their dog returned after 17 months.

Elspeth Gold, from Larkhall, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, suspected family hamster Pablo had been eaten by their pooch Lucy after she was unable to find him for months.

The 43-year-old had presumed two-year-old Pablo was dead and even got rid of his cage after he went missing in June 2020.

However, the family were amazed when a “rough” looking Pablo rocked up back home like nothing had happened.

He was reportedly found running around the kitchen by the family, who can't believe they never heard a noise from him before.

Elspeth said she had never known a hamster to be missing for so long and to be found alive.

She took to social media to tell people the shocking news while asking if anyone had a cage she could borrow.

Elspeth wrote: “So after being missing for a year and a half, Pablo the hamster has turned up.

“Anybody out there got a spare cage I could have please?”

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Her post received dozens of comments from people amazed little Pablo was home after so long.

Lorna MacKenzie said: “No way Elspeth. This is unreal. How has it survived as long lol?”, while Gillian Love said: “Pablo was quieter than a mouse for months.”

Unfortunately, the happy ending turned sour as within nine days of Pablo being home, he sadly passed away.

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Speaking to the Daily Record, Elspeth revealed Pablo was a present for her 12-year-old’s birthday and went missing after a year of being in their home.

She said: “I blamed the dog for eating him.

“So fast forward to Monday the 1st of November, 17 months later, my daughter was in the kitchen about 10 o'clock at night and Pablo rocked up as if nothing had happened, looking a bit rough.

"We had him for a total of nine days and after that he became unwell and died, we couldn’t believe it.”

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