Ex-prison guard ‘decapitated girlfriend and threw head into her mum’s garden’

A sacked prison guard has appeared in court accused of killing his teenage girlfriend and beheading her corpse.

Ivanhoe de Oliveira Lima, 37, allegedly admitted stabbing much younger Larissa Aurelia da Costa Silva, 17, to death when he was arrested in February 2020.

Cops in Brazil claim that after murdering his girlfriend, he beheaded her, took Larissa's severed head to her mum's house, and threw it outside, fulfilling a chilling threat he'd made months before.

Afterwards, police say Ivanhoe went to a football pitch to drink a few beers with friends.

He was arrested at the pitch and taken into custody, where it's claimed he admitted killing his helpless, much younger girlfriend.

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After his arrest, cops were horrified to find videos of Ivanhoe attacking his girlfriend saved on his phone.

Police officer Martin Hessel said at the time: "What we know is that there was an argument between them and, during that argument, the perpetrator, who had a knife, struck the blows and then cut off her head."

Ivanhoe been living with Larissa for two years after meeting when she was just 14 years old and still a schoolgirl.

He'd worked as a prison guard from 2010-2013 but was sacked when he was caught smuggling active yeast into jail to make a homemade spirit known as 'Mad Maria', which is popular in Brazilian prisons.

At the time of Larissa's murder, he was reportedly working in a car wash.

Larissa's half-sister Leandra said Ivanhoe had threatened Larissa during a row in September 2019, just months before she died, in an argument.

She said: "He hit her right there and promised that he would deliver her head to the door of her mother's house the next time he felt angry. It was an extremely abusive relationship."

The night Larissa was murdered a neighbour sounded the alarm after hearing her screams before silence fell upon the house.

According to Leandra, the neighbour popped next door to check in and found Larissa's maimed corpse on the floor, covered in blood.

Leandra said: "She then followed the blood trail and arrived at Larissa's mother's house, where she saw the head. It was distressing. We never imagined that something like this would happen to our family."

Ivanhoe, accused of the depraved attack, is appearing in court in Rio Branco via videolink due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So far, he has not answered any questions and insisted he will only speak in court.

The trial continues.

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