Evil step mum who murdered six-year-old boy ‘to get parenting lessons in prison’

Evil step mum Emma Tustin, who murdered innocent 6-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes by torturing him to death, is going to ‘get parenting lessons’ in prison.

The 32-year-old, who has four children of her own, was jailed for 29 years for the murder of the six-year-old boy.

Coventry Crown Court heard of the “cruel and inhuman treatment of Arthur” in a catalogue of abuse. In which, Tustin forced the boy to sleep on the floor, poisoned him with salt, and hit his head.

Now, a source has told The Mirror that she has been offered parenting lessons as part of her life sentence.

The course is intended to help her “manage certain aspects of her personality” and “deal with her way dangerous beliefs”.

Though the source added: “the phrase ‘too little, too late’ springs to mind”.

The course is run at HMP Peterborough, where Tustin is carrying out her sentence, in a unit for inmates with “complex needs”.

It is understood that the killer could serve much longer than her 29 year sentence if she does not face up to her crimes.

The informant added: “She will be required to take relationship and parenting courses.

“She needs to tackle what went so catastrophically wrong with her care for Arthur. If she serves just her minimum sentence she’ll be in her 60s when released, so could form relationships that bring her into contact with children.”

Arthur’s dad Thomas Hughes, 29, was jailed for 21 years for child cruelty and manslaughter.

A judge at Coventry crown court said neither he nor Tustin had displayed any remorse for their actions.

The father of one of Tustin’s children described her as a “ruthless predator” and a ‘black widow who preys on men’.

Arthur’s grandmother, Madeleine Halcrow, branded Tustin and Hughes “sadistic” and “evil” and said Arthur was failed by police and social services

A jail spokesman said: “We cannot comment on individual prisoners”.

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