Erdogan warns ‘don’t challenge me’ as Turkey and Greece tensions spiral out of control

Turkey: Erdogan warns Mitsotakis 'don't challenge me'

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President Erdogan gave a speech at the Turkish Parliament and slammed Mr Mitsotakis by saying his allies “abandoned” him over disputes regarding sea boundaries and gas. The issue of Northern Cyprus, an area under control by Turkey, was also raised as Mr Erdogan called for a “two-state solution” rather than a united Cyprus. It comes as talks between the two nations soured, with both sides resorting to mud-slinging tactics. 

President Erdogan said to Grand National Assembly of Turkey “Now Mitsotakis challenged me, how shall we get together with you after you challenged me like this?

“You better know your place, if there is a search for peace don’t challenge me too, know your limits. If not, that means you kicked the negotiation table, you ran away from it. 

“We cannot sit at the table with you.

“What you do on the island is obvious, what is it that makes you confident?

“You trust there will be support for Greece from somewhere again? 

“If you trust this you are wrong.  

“No matter where the support comes from, know this, Turkey is standing tall, firm on the ground, and knows what to do whatever necessary when it is needed. 

“I would like to remind Misotakis one more thing, you place your trust on allies but they deserted you.

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“You won’t get any help from them but we make our decisions on our own and make our own way. 

“Therefore you better know the crazy Turks well.”

Countries have attempted to mediate to ease the tensions between Greece and Turkey which have been occurring for many years. 

France and Germany have tried to get involved while Middle-Eastern countries have also shown an interest in the conflict. 

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Turkey has sent warships to escort gas research vessels in the Mediterranean while France has shown support for Greece by deploying navy ships there too. 

In 1974, Greece held a successful coup in Cyprus which led to Turkey invading and claiming parts of the northern territory as their own. 

The Republic of Cyprus was set up in 1960 with Greek and Turkish Cypriots being the main communities on the island. 

However, political disagreements led to a coup from Greece to claim the island with a Turkish invasion soon following, splitting the island into two territories. 

The legitimacy of these territories is questioned by international actors. 

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