Epic moment boy, 2, tackles 2-metre snake after being taught by croc hunter dad

This is the incredible moment a two-year-old boy took on a gigantic snake after "learning the ropes" from his crocodile hunter dad.

Matt Wright, from Australia, regularly stars in National Geographic TV show Outback Wrangler and was previously filmed casually shooing a crocodile away at a close distance.

He is now determined to pass his skills on to his son Banjo by letting him play with a two-metre-long snake.

Sharing the encounter on Instagram, Matt tags his wife Kaia in the post and jokes: "Learning the ropes."

The youngster, who dresses up in a mini-size safari shirt, is seen pulling the chocolate brown-coloured reptile by its tail.

Matt says to Banjo: "Pull it back! Oh no, it's getting wrapped, let me help you! Okay, pull it back to the bushes, quick, pull."

Little Banjo holds on to the snake's tail and slowly yanks it back to the grass.

When he notices the reptile move closer to Matt, he drops the tail and says: "Oh no, oh no. Run! Run!"

But Matt stays calm and tells his son to go grab the tail again.

The video left viewers stunned as they watched how close the snake got to the child.

One said: "He reminds me of Steve Irwin…a legend."

A second wrote: "This kid is already more handy than me on a property."

Some suggested that the snake could be an olive python, the second largest snake species in Australia.

"Snake is not a toy," a viewer commented. "There are several ways to teach him but not by pulling its tail."

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Another blasted: "Everything about this is stupid and wrong."

Two weeks ago, Matt and his family were travelling in a car when they spotted a snake blocking in the middle of a road.

He asked Banjo to stay with him and watch him grab the serpent and releasing it back into the bush.

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