Elon Musk launches sweet treats into space for astronauts including ice cream

A package from Elon Musk was thrusted into space with numerous Thanksgiving goodies for astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) to enjoy.

In Musk's latest SpaceX launch, the company's Falcon 9 rocket launched the 26th Dragon Commercial Resupply Services mission to the the ISS on Saturday afternoon (November 26).

Alongside the holiday treats, the mission was carrying 7,700lbs (3,500kg) of research, scientific materials, crew supplies and hardware.

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Those treats included the likes of ice cream, green beans, cranberry apple desserts, pumpkin pie and candy corn.

Musk, who founded SpaceX in 2002 and currently acts as its CEO, took to Twitter to celebrate the launch during Thanksgiving weekend.

As well as enjoying their delicious care package, the astronauts will use dwarf tomato seeds that were sent to them for one of NASA's experiments.

The space agency said that researchers have grown "a variety of leafy greens" after testing plant growth on the space station, with a focus now on tomatoes.

NASA said: “A continuous source of nutritious food is essential for long-duration exploration missions, and the typical pre-packaged astronaut diet may need to be supplemented by fresh foods produced in space."

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The flavour, smell, juiciness and texture of the fruits being grown are expected to be rated by researchers in different intervals of the experiment.

Gioia Massa, NASA’s space crop production scientist and principal investigator told CNN: "Tomatoes will be a new adventure for us on the veggie team, trying to figure out how to keep these thirsty plants well watered without overwatering."

The possibilities of the experiment could have huge implications for astronauts with NASA revealing that it could allow for astronauts to “provide diagnostic capabilities” or test food, water and the surface for any contamination, whether they be in space or on the surface of the Moon or Mars.


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