Drunk Russian soldier back from Ukraine sets off grenade at party

A drunk Russian soldier returning from fighting in east Ukraine has been arrested after he set off a grenade intended for the frontlines, Russian media has reported. 34-year-old Kirill P, who had been stationed in Donetsk as a volunteer, pulled out an RGD-5 grenade while inebriated at a party where children were present. After setting the explosive off, doctors were forced to treat him for shrapnel wounds in what is the latest embarrassment for Putin amid continued rumours of Russian drunkenness within the ranks.

Kirill P became the latest returning Russian soldier from Ukraine to be arrested for endangering civilians while drunk with weapons intended for the battlefield.

The incident happened in a small apartment in a high-rise building on Turgeneva Street, which is located in the centre of the southern Russian city of Krasnodar.

The city is just a three-hour drive from the Kerch Strait bridge connecting Russia to Crimea, which is used to transport Russian soldiers to the battlefield in Ukraine.

Russian media reported that the volunteer soldier had “drunk quite a bit” when he arrived at the party.

For reasons that are unclear, the volunteer pulled out an RGD-5 grenade and set it off in the apartment.

The man’s roommates and their children were all present at the party and quickly fled for cover when he pulled the pin on the explosive.

The inebriated Kirill was the only one injured by the detonation, receiving subsequent treatment for shrapnel wounds from the local medical services.

Another grenade was then found in the apartment.

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The military man faces a criminal case under Article 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal possession of weapons).

It is the latest in a series of incidents involving Russian soldiers returning from Ukraine.

In late December 2022, two Russian servicemen set off a grenade in the parking lot of a cafe in the Voronezh region after returning from Ukraine.

And in November, a serviceman who returned from Ukraine fired a flare gun during a brawl in a club in Kostroma, killing 13 people.

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More recently, a deputy commander of Russian ground forces, who was stationed in Belarus, was exposed on social media earlier this week after he sent a video to an escort of him dancing naked.

Lieutenant General Alexander Matovnikov, the 57-year-old deputy commander of Russian ground forces, was seen throwing his towel off and dancing around what appears to be a hotel room in an 44-second long clip.

The “naked general”, as he’s now been dubbed, was rumoured to be more interested in chasing women than leading the bloodiest conflict in Europe since World War Two.

The deputy commander was stationed in Belarus, according to local reports, when he sent the video of him to an escort, who then recognised him and leaked the clip.

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