Donald Trump blasts US top general as ‘a f***ing idiot’ over Afghanistan withdrawal

Donald Trump will 'stroll back into' White House says expert

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Speaking at an event on Saturday in Mar-a-Lago hosted by conservative organization Turning Point Action, the former US president condemned General Mark Milley, America’s highest-ranking military officer. General Milley acts as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and principal military advisor to the President, Secretary of Defense, and National Security Council.

In reference to the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Mr Trump said: “I want every nut, every bolt, every screw.

“We’re taking everything. We’re taking down the tents. They left all the tents. They left everything.

“Couldn’t they have flown in a couple of hundred pilots and flown the planes out?”

Mocking the US top general, Mr Trump continued: “I’ll never forget Milley saying to me, ‘Sir, sir. It’s cheaper to leave the equipment than to bring it’.

“I said ‘really?’ 

“You’ve got a $50m dollar aeroplane. You’ve got a $29m gorgeous helicopter. We had every type of helicopter. Many of them brand new. Literally out of the box.

“You think it’s cheaper to leave it there so they can have it, than it is to fill it up with a half tank of gas and fly it into Pakistan or fly it back to our country?

“You hear the ‘Yes sir. We think it’s cheaper Sir.’

“That’s when I realised he was a f***ing idiot.”

The comment was received with a round of laughter and cheers from the crowd.


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