Donald Trump and Melania greeted with cheers at college football game as they shake hands with smiling Vince Vaughn – The Sun

DONALD and Melania Trump were greeted with a stadium full of cheers as they attended the College Football Playoff championship in New Orleans last night.

No. 1 Lousiana State University saw off No. 3 Clemson with a 42-25 win, as the President and the first lady chatted with actor Vince Vaughn after taking to the field to sing the national anthem.

The President predicted: "It'll be a great game. It'll be something that a lot of people want to see" as he left the White House.

Hand in hand with Melania, he headed onto the field to sing the National Anthem before kick off.

The uproarious crowd chanted: "USA, USA" and "four more years" as the pair strode on.

Mr Trump later tweeted a: "Thank you!" to the football fans, quoting a video posted by Yahoo Sports College football which showed the crowd's incredible reaction.

Secret service officers could be seen lined up at the stadium behind metal detectors.

The presidential couple were also spotted exchanging banter with Hollywood actor, Vince Vaughn.

A clip circulated online of a smiling Vince chatting intensely with the President, as Melania chuckles.

The two men then shake hands as the actor leaves to enjoy the game.

The Don was in friendly territory for Monday night's game, securing a nearly 20-point victory in the state in 2016's presidential election.

Former New York Times editor and MSNBC commentator Howell Raines noted Trump's appearance at the game "cements his relationship with his core constituency".

He added: "Certainly, he couldn't be safer politically in South Carolina and Louisiana".

He appeared in good spirits at the game as speaker Nancy Pelosi gears to send two articles of impeachment to Senate and after a tumultuous few weeks with Iran.

Last week the President put in a call to Lousiana State University's coach, Ed Orgeron where he hinted he could be attending yesterday's game.

And he reportedly praised Mr Orgeron for his team's win against Oklahoma in the Peach Bowl.

The coach told The Advocate: "I was very honored to get a call from President Trump.

"He was very pleasant to talk to. Very complimentary of our football team, our coaching staff. "Complimentary of the way the state of Louisiana has rallied around us.

"Was complimentary of the way we played all year and wished us good luck in the game."

Trump watched the winning team, LSU play back in November when they hit the field in Alabama.

At the time, the home team's bosses had warned fans against "disruptive behaviour" at the game.

And early last year Mr Trump hosted Clemson's coaches, laying on a delicious spread of pizza and burgers – with the fries served in White House cups bearing the presidential seal.

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