Darius's stylist shares unseen footage of him on his 42nd birthday

Darius Campbell Danesh’s celebrity stylist shares video of star singing Happy Birthday and unseen photographs on day he would have turned 42 – after his brother posted moving message about healing

  • Close friends including Taylor and Anne Ferguson shared clips of Darius in the early days of stardom
  • Following his death his music shot into the charts and fans have campaigned to get Colourblind to No.1
  • Tributes have flooded in after the Pop Idol star died on 11 August 2022 in Minnesota 

Darius Campbell Danesh’s closest friends have celebrated his 42nd birthday today by sharing a video of him singing Happy Birthday as well as unseen photographs of the star over the years.

Darius was found dead in his hotel room on August 11 in Minesotta on the 20th anniversary of his hit Colourblind.

Now the Pop Idol star’s hair stylist Taylor Ferguson, his wife Anne and their staff have released a personal video and once private photos of them welcoming him home in the early days his stardom to more recent times in a moving tribute to him.

Taylor wrote: ‘It’s Darius’ 42nd birthday today. We’d give anything to wish him Happy Birthday face to face. This little video that warms our hearts shows him singing Happy Birthday to Anne back in January. Ever the theatrical performer he sang his heart out to make Anne’s day. Right back at you Darius…happy heavenly birthday sir. With lots of love.X’

Darius Campbell Danesh pictured with Anne Ferguson. The Pop Idol star’s closest friends have celebrated his 42nd birthday today by sharing a video of him singing Happy Birthday as well as unseen photographs of the star over the years

Taylor Ferguson’s wife Anne Ferugson. Her husband and the singer’s hairstylist wished him a ‘happy heavenly birthday’ and said the video warmed everyone’s hearts

The singer, 41, was found unresponsive in a room inside the Berkman apartments opposite the Mayo Clinic specialist treatment centre in Rochester, Minnesota on August 11

Following his death the song has re-entered music charts and was last week listed in the first spot on the iTunes download chart

On an emotional note on Instagram after his death, Darius’ brother Dr Aria Cambell-Danesh posted: ‘Wounding. Healing. Forgiving. Growing’

In the video, Darius can be seen in a flat cap and coat as he hugs a masked Anne Ferguson and serenades her at the door to the salon with his own special rendition of Happy Birthday. He also arrived laden with gifts for the her.

Darius Campbell Danesh’s brother posts heart rendering tribute to sibling on Instagram

On an emotional note on Instagram after his death, Darius’ brother Dr Aria Cambell-Danesh posted: ‘Wounding. Healing. Forgiving. Growing.’

At the beginning of this month in the days before his brother’s death, Dr Aria, a psychologist, said in a video: ‘Life involves suffering. There’s no promise it’s going to be happy go lucky and really pleasant all the time. 

‘Really horrific things happen in life. And on one level there’s no way that we can ever really rationally explain it away.

‘Sometimes bad things happen but it doesn’t end there. Whenever you are suffering. Don’t ask god why am I suffering. Ask god where are you taking me?’

The singer on stage with an acoustic guitar, with an excellent maple body and rosewood neck

Taylor added in a separate Facebook post: ‘To mark Darius’ birthday today we dug out some of our favourite photos with Big D over the years. Happy memories of his time here in the salon having fun and giggles. 

Remembering the big welcome home banners we put up inside and outside the salon when he returned from the Pop Idol run. 

Gig after party time at the SEC Armadillo. Nights out in London. Great time with a great guy. We’ll never forget him. X’ 

In one photo a mischievous Darius can be seen pretending to pilfer through the till of the hair salon and take some money, and in another he is seen cosying up to salon floor manager Leanna Donovan. 

In other photos he’s seen cuddling up to manager Anne Ferguson whilst another picture sees a group of his nearest and dearest at an after party following a concert he performed stage Glasgow Armadillo. 

Darius was born in Campbell Danesh was born in Glasgow on 19 August 1980 to a Scottish mother, Avril Campbell, and an Iranian father, Booth Danesh. 

He has two brothers Aria and Cyrus. He attended Bearsden Primary School and Glasgow Academy, before going on to study English Literature and Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. 

Online fans wished him a happy heavenly birthday with many urging that his song Colourblind stay at the top of the charts to celebrate the occasion. 

Although his brother, Dr Aria Cambell-Danesh, has not spoken about Darius’s sudden death, he revealed in a podcast about how he deals with grief and how brutal life can be.

Aria and his two brothers were devastated when their father Dr Booth Danesh, a gastroenterologist, was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2003 and was given just three months to live when the cancer spread to his bone marrow.

The family was hit again when their mother Dr Avril Campbell Danesh was also identified as having breast cancer in 2015.

He both parents made a miraculous recoveries.

Dr Aria said: ‘Thankfully my father was incredibly fortunate and is still here today but part of it is understanding that in the world there is suffering and I’d almost just bought into this idea growing up that life is fair and good things always happen to good people and that’s not the case.

‘Your life can be brutal and hard and you will undoubtedly face suffering whether or not that is losing a loved one, or being single when you want to be in a relationship, or you are struggling to conceive or you lose your job, or are facing financial insecurity or you are facing discrimination or markets crash, pandemics strike, lockdowns implemented, it’s going to happen and throughout the age of history that has always been the case.’

Original footage shows an old banner with ‘Welcome Back, Darius’ in the early days his stardom

In unseen footage, the celebrity singer can be seen cheekily looking over his shoulder while holding a few bank notes 

In the aftermath of his death Ms Ferguson (pictured left) told the MailOnline: ‘It’s just so awful. There are no words. I cannot describe how sad I feel’

Darius and Gerard Butler with the celebrity hairdresser Taylor Ferguson

Anne Ferguson arrives to leave flowers at the family home of her close friend Darius Campbell-Danesh in Glasgow  

Dr Aria says it is important to think in the moment when it comes to loss.

He said: ‘Even us coming to terms that it’s an inevitability but also that pain is transient. It’s impermanent. It’s not everlasting.’

‘Often I think the mind tricks us into thinking ‘I can’t handle this. I can’t take it. How long will this go on for?

‘A lot of the time it’s about being present and appreciating that this too shall pass. Within the greatest source of suffering can come your greatest source of strength and courage and growth.

‘Aria who learned from Christian teachings from his mum, and Muslim teachings from his father as well as following Buddhism, claims he has managed in the past to turn negative emotions into positives.

He added: ‘And what’s fascinating is that some of the most difficult times of my life have been a new source of deep emotional growth, spiritual growth, appreciation, compassion, love and it shifted me on an trajectory which I’m so grateful for so despite what happens to you it’s this idea that all will be well. 

‘All will be well and you have everything they you need within you to deal with that present moment. You have within you the courage, and the patience, and the love and strength and the wisdom and it’s about finding that connection within.

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