Daredevil dachshund obsessed with dribbling ball right up to swimming pool edge

Hilarious footage shows a cheeky dachshund dribbling her ball right to the edge of the swimming ball, only to scatch it up in her mouth at the last second.

Layla, the dog in question, was filmed showing off some impressive ball control for an animal with such tiny legs and not a particularly athletic build.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by her owner user @tallwig, she nudges the ball forwards with her nose until it is balanced right on the edge of the pool, a split-second from falling in.

She then launches forwards at the last moment and catches the ball in her mouth, with timing so impressive the video has been watched more than 1.5 million times on the video-sharing app.

It was posted yesterday, December 31, with the caption: "One month later and she's still at it."

One amazed person commented: "She's training, I don't know what for, but she's a champion."

"Sometimes adrenaline addiction be like that," joked another viewer.

Obviously smitten with the cute pup, another fan wrote: "Aww she's playing how close she can get the ball… I think she's telling you needs a friend."

"Oh my gosh that's so funny she made her own little game what a cutie," gushed someone else.

Layla has been filmed playing the game by herself before, but she wasn't always so good and would sometimes lose the ball in the pool and have to wait for her human pals to retrieve it for her.

The pooch has obviously been practising her unique skill and it's paid off.

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