Crocodile attack victim pictured after dad left with horror injuries

A man who was attacked by a crocodile suffered cuts to his face, ear and neck before he managed to wrestle himself free from the reptile.

Mark Ridge, 44, was swimming in Lake Placid in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, when a crocodile attacked him just before 12.40pm on Thursday.

The monster animal managed to take a swipe at Mark's face, ear and neck, before he pried its jaws off of his head.

Pictures have now emerged of Mark's injuries as his daughter Mili revealed he had been treated for multiple lacerations all over his body.

She told 7 News her dad had been lucky as not one severed an artery but admitted he is still "in pain" from the surprise attack.

Mili said: "He is at home resting, he said his head hurts a bit and he is in pain but should be OK.

"There was definite evidence of puncture wounds through his scalp to the right side of his head from either the upper or lower jaw."

She went on: "There were additional puncture wounds, then, to the left angle of the jaw, the cheekbone there and the jaw, corresponding to a bite which the … the animal has bitten his head with jaws either side."

The croc was initially reported to have been around 6ft, but authorities now believe the animal was closer to 8.5ft at 2.5 metres long.

7 News also shared images of Mark's wounds, which showed a deep cut on the side of his face and on the top of his head.

Paul Sweeney, a critical care paramedic, told the publication Mark was doing swimming training in the water when he felt a "sudden impact clasp on the top of his head".

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Mark then put his hands into the jaws to "prise them off his head" and when he "did so and let go, the jaw snapped shut onto his left forefinger."

Miraculously, the finger "wasn't broken or severed," and when police arrived Mark was stable enough to be taken to Cairns Hospital.

According to Queensland Parks and Wildlife, warning signs were put up in the area after sightings of a crocodile were reported.

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