Cornwall earthquake: Thousands of homes rocked with 'loud bangs' heard as tremor hits during middle of the night | The Sun

AN EARTHQUAKE has rocked the UK with residents hearing "loud bangs" as the tremor struck in the middle of the night.

People in West Cornwall reported “rumbling” and “juddering” which sounded as if a lorry had crashed into their houses.

The British Geological Survey said the quake shook the county at 12.50am today at a depth of 13km.

A spokesperson said: “Reports have been received from residents in Helston, Penzance and Camborne, in Cornwall, that this event was felt."

Earthquakes at a 2.5 magnitude or below are usually not felt but can be recorded by a seismograph.

Damage to buildings and infrastructure does not usually occur until the earthquake magnitude reaches somewhere above four or five.

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