Christmas shoppers ‘fight over Brussels sprouts’ in supermarket ‘trolley rage’

Shoppers scrambling to get their last-minute Christmas shopping have been met with “fights over brussels sprouts” and mega-queues at supermarkets.

With Christmas less than 24 hours away, frustrated shoppers have shared their concerns as chaos reigned over stores all across the country.

Dunnes Stores in Blanchardstown, Dublin, has been particularly affected – as clips emerged of massive queues leading through the entire shopping centre, Mirror reports.

A Twitter user wrote: "Thought I'd be clever and get to Dunnes Blanch at 8am this morning…. It was f****** bedlam.

"Old ones fighting over Brussels Sprouts and queues for the tills blocking every aisle with trolley rage thrown in.

"I had to leave after 5 mins…"

Several shoppers have also shared their horror stories of massive queues and hours of waiting, Wales Online reported.

"Let me tell you. Last-minute Christmas shopping in Blanch is not a vibe," someone shared on Twitter.

"Hour and a half queue into Dunnes. Be nice to retail workers lads they're gonna be flat out."

Another user claimed hundreds of people were in the shop at one time.

"Greetings from Dunnes in Blanch, where an 8am start to the big Christmas shop seemed like a great idea for at least 500 other people too," they said.

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Despite the majority of shoppers feeling angry at the ordeal, some managed to see the humour in the festive chaos.

"My turkey has gone out of date while waiting in the till queue at Dunnes this morning," a Twitter user joked.

Another added: "I survived the big Dunnes Christmas shop 2021."

Similaraccounts of mayhem have come from supermarkets in Bristol, Crawley and Hampshire today, with shoppers queueing for miles outside the likes of Tesco and Marks & Spencer.

Butchers and fishmongers were also overrun, as people waited out in the cold for their turn.

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