China issues chilling threat to UK warning Truss’s Taiwan speech will ‘harm’ UK

China has warned Liz Truss that her speech in Taiwan will cause “harm” to the UK, describing the move as a “dangerous political show”. The former prime minister on Wednesday spoke in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei City to discuss the sovereignty of the island nation and the need for the West to help defend it against China’s expansionists interests. The Chinese embassy in the UK urged her to stop defending Taiwanese independence or else “further expose herself as a failed politician and get more backlash from the Chinese people”.


Before Ms Truss stood up to make her speech, the Chinese embassy to the UK issued a statement warning that the former prime minister was being “provocative”. 

“British politician Liz Truss’s recent visit to Taiwan is a dangerous political show which will do nothing but harm to the UK,” an embassy spokesman said.

“Any violation of the one-China principle will have serious consequences for China-UK relations.” 

Moments later, Ms Truss urged the West to “reduce dependence on China in all spheres”, calling the move unavoidable in the face of Chinese aggression towards Taiwan. 


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