Chance of ‘civilisation-ending nuclear war’ in 2022, horror study claims

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A chilling study has determined that there is a 10% risk of a 'civilisation ending nuclear war over the next 12 months.'

As Russia's bloody invasion of Ukraine continues, fears of a nuclear World War Three have continued to grow, spurred on by Russian President Vladimir Putin's erratic mindset.

The despot has previously warned of consequences "never before seen in your history" for any country that aids Ukraine and with rumours swirling around about his health it is unclear how volatile he may become.

And according to Peter Berezin, a strategist at BCA Research, the chances of nuclear armageddon don't look good.

In a slightly surreal memo, the financier looked into the likelihoods of a nuclear war in a letter titled: "Rising risk of a nuclear apocalypse."

The memo stated that Vladimir Putin had now committed to a regime change in Kyiv and that anything else would be seen as a defeat.

And in one disturbing passage, Mr Berezin surmised that in the event Putin is left with "no future" he may decide that "no one else should have a future either".

He then goes on to state that with everything considered, there is now "an uncomfortably high 10% chance of a civilisation ending nuclear war over the next 12 months".

It's not all bad news though as he did urge calm in one crucial aspect.

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Mr Berezin concluded: "Despite the risk of nuclear war, it makes sense to stay constructive on stocks over the next 12 months.

"Thus, from a purely financial perspective, you should largely ignore existential risk, even if you do care about it greatly from a personal perspective."

That at least gives us some relief then.

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