Can I be fined if my dog barks at home?

IT'S perfectly normal for dogs to bark, but if you find yours is barking a little too much, you could be in for some hefty consequences.

If your pup has the habit of barking excessively, it is not only a source of headaches for you and those around you, but can even land you an unlimited fine.

Can I be fined if my dog barks at home?

According to the Environmental Protection Act 1990, any loud noise emitted from a house that interferes with their enjoyment can be considered a "statutory nuisance".

This includes ‘any animal kept in such a place or manner as to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance ’ or, as government guidance on noise nuisances explains, ‘barking dogs’.

If your neighbours complain about noise in the area, local authorities have a duty to investigate and take formal action if needed.

How much can I be fined?

The government website states that you could receive an unlimited fine if you aren't able to comply with a noise abatement notice.

This means that if a neighbour complains about your dog barking, and the local authority investigates, you could be at risk of a hefty fine if your dog is not able to keep reasonably quiet.

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One homeowner was fined £9,000 after their neighbours complained about the noise of their 38 dogs.

If you're unable to keep the noise down after multiple complaints and a noise abatement notice, you could even be taken to court and be subject to criminal charges.

How can I stop my dog from barking?

Dogs can learn that barking is great way of quickly getting our attention.

They also bark if they are in distress, or if they perceive a threat.

Barking is totally normal, but it's not very

The Dogs Trust gives pet owners advice on how to reduce their dog barking, and even stop it all together.


The Dogs Trust give their top tips to help stop your dog barking too much:

1. Don't tell your dog off – Telling them off could make them anxious or confused and could make things worse. Some dogs might even see you shouting as you joining in and making noise with them.

2. Avoid things your dog finds scary -if your dog barks at passers-by try covering your windows and if they bark because they are scared of being alone, you should teach them it's ok to be left alone. If in doubt, seek help from a behaviour specialist or your vet.

3. Teach your dog calmer ways of telling you what they want – If your dog is barking for something specific, like to make another dog go away, it can be useful to teach them do this in a quieter and safer way.

4. Make sure your pooch is staying active – Your dog may be more likely to bark if they’re bored and not getting enough exercise. Make sure you spend quality time keeping your dog engaged and active each day.

5. Don't reward your dog for barking – if you ignore your dog barking and don't give them attention for it they should learn to stop barking allowing you to reward them for staying quiet instead.

It’s important to make sure your pooch is taught to be confident and calm from when they’re a puppy, even in unusual and unexpected situations.

This introduction of new experiences needs to be gradual and controlled.

It’s also important that your pup isn’t already anxious or fearful when experiencing new things, as this could make them associate the new thing with these negative feelings.

You can always take your dog to training classes, where specialists will be able to advise you best on how to stop your dog from barking too much.

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