Burger-lover gets fine and fries after driving 100 miles to go to McDonald’s

A woman has been fined for driving more than 100 miles to get a McDonald's burger.

The hungry Lincolnshire local had a hankering for a Big Mac or Filet-O-Fish that was so strong it compelled her to travel all the way to Scarborough on Saturday.

That's a distance of 160km spanning three counties, and it's definitely a violation of the current travel restrictions in place around the UK to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The woman, who is in her 30s, met up with her sister at the fast food joint.

But the fries-fuelled catchup came at a price — she was caught out and about without a good excuse and fined.

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"Driving through three counties to get a burger is not classed as essential travel," North Yorkshire Police said.

The force said officers issued more than 70 fines in the county alone over the weekend, with stir-crazy Brits seemingly willing to break the law and put public safety at risk.

Ch Insp Rachel Wood added: "When this pandemic is over, we know everyone's looking forward to going where they want, when they want.

"But in the meantime, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who continues to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives."

Under the new national lockdown, Brits can only leave their homes once a day and only for the purposes of exercise, buying essential items such as food or seeking medical attention.

Anyone caught outside without a valid reason can expect a fixed penalty notice of £200, which will be reduced to £100 if paid off within 14 days.

Police have issued fines to people caught breaking lockdown restrictions for a variety of reasons.

Earlier this month the Metropolitan Police busted an illegal game of Dominoes being held in a London restaurant, fining all 12 attendees.

Meanwhile West Mercia Police were slammed as "buzzkills" after warning Shropshire locals they weren't allowed to leave home for a snowball fight, catching several pranksters red (or rather, white) handed.

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