‘Broken’ Aussie DJ trapped in Vietnam airport for two days after booking gaffe

An Australian DJ has been left "broken" as he remains trapped in a Vietnamese airport almost two days on from making a crucial mistake.

Sydney-based influencer Levi Neufeld was heading for Dubai but forgot to apply for a transit visa for India (one of the stopovers on his trip) and has thus been sleeping at Ho Chi Minh Saigon airport.

Levi, who has appeared on The Voice, took to Instagram to document his ordeal.

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He said: "I've been flying for 20 hours, flew from Sydney to Vietnam and then Vietnam to India. And then I had a connecting flight from India to Dubai, but I wasn't told that I had to get a visa for India.

"This has broken me.

"They are making me stay here in Vietnam for the next 27 hours. So a day and a bit. They're putting me in a transit room."

Anyone intending to stopover in India has to get a transit visa to enter the airport. As Levi didn't have one, his passport was confiscated and is now with officials in Vietnam.

Levi has continued to update his followers on TikTok and Instagram as he awaits a flight back to Australia.

In an Instagram post from nine hours ago he urged people to "join me with the countdown". The post included a timer that showed he still had 13 excruciating hours left.

"Day two, it's 5.30am, I slept for like eight hours but I was so tired," he said. The post also showed he has been given a bed to sleep on, although he described the mattress as "paper thin".

In a follow-up post this morning (Wednesday, July 12) he said the situation is "mentally affecting" him. Levi also revealed he has now missed out on headlining a "huge gig" at his final destination.

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