Britain to be hotter than Egypt as it scorches in seven-day heatwave

Britain will be hotter than Egypt next week with the nation set for a seven-day heatwave.

Temperatures will soar to 25C thanks to a 600-mile wide “Spanish plume”– compared to 23C in the city of Alexandria.

Forecasters are predicting highs of 23C from as early as Monday, peaking at 25C by the end of next week.

And the scorcher starts today (March 5) with 21C expected in the south. A Met Office forecaster said: “This weekend is warm and temperatures are likely to rise above average next week.

“It is expected to be warm – perhaps very warm – by next weekend.

“Sunny spells are expected for most, with dry weather likely throughout the period.”

Rain should be confined to western and northern areas.

Temperatures could smash the record for the hottest day of the year of 23.4C on April 15 in London.

Oliver Joy, from forecaster MeteoGroup DTN, said “Models show a plume of warm air moving north from Spain and the Bay of Biscay.”

Met Office spokesperson Oli Claydon added: “Temperatures look like creeping up as high pressure develops warmth.

However, meteorologists and the Met Office have warned not to expect "wall-to-wall" sunshine, with some southern parts of the country faring far better than those up north.

The South East of England is set to receive the best of the sunshine, with dry and sunny spells predicted for the rest of the country, except for the north and west, who have been warned of rain or showers as the weekend rolls in.

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Weather in the north and west should settle down after the weekend, but it seems unlikely that those further up the country will get to revel in the warm weather.

High temperatures are expected to continue into Friday and roll into the weekend for those in the South East of England, The Sun reported.

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