Boyfriend surprises nurse with marriage proposal while getting Covid vaccine

A registered nurse has given his boyfriend a surprise marriage proposal during a Covid-19 vaccination.

Eric Vander Lee, 26, has been helping to administer the coronavirus vaccines at a hospital in South Dakota, US, while his boyfriend of five years, Robbie Vargas-Cortes, 31, works as a paramedic.

When Robbie comes in for his scheduled vaccination appointment on December 23, he has an engagement ring hidden up in his sleeve.

Footage shared by Sandford Health hospital on Facebook shows the paramedic rolling up his sleeve ready for the jab until Eric realises the ring taped to his arm.

Robbie starts saying: "So it's been sort of a crazy year and it's probably a fun ride to have you in my life."

He then takes the ring off the tape and asks Eric: "Will you marry me?"

Eric, looking astonished, says yes and gives his partner a hug.

Their colleagues congratulate the pair as they witness the proposal.

Eric said in an interview that the proposal caught him completely off-guard, adding: "I saw tape, and I did not understand for like 30 seconds what was going on until finally, it hit me.

"It was just the happiest moment probably of my life."

The video went viral with more than 11,000 reactions on Facebook, where the post was flooded with warm wishes.

One said: "Congratulations, what a special way to enjoy and celebrate making it through a crazy year. Hold those you love close and never let go!"

Another commented: "How can you make a Covid vaccine better? Put a ring on it!! Congratulations and Happy New Year!"

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