Bottled water running out across UK during record-breaking heatwave

Eau no! Bottled water is running out at shops across the UK during record-breaking heatwave

  •  Soaring demand has led to wholesalers limiting sales to convenience stores
  •  Major brands including Evian, Volvic and Highland Spring have been affected
  •  Manufacturing and logistical issues and labour shortages have added to impact 

Bottled water is running out at corner shops as stocks dry up in the heatwave. 

Although supplies were already low, soaring demand during the record temperatures has led to some wholesalers limiting the amount they sell to convenience stores. 

Major brands including Evian, Volvic, Highland Spring and Buxton have been affected, particularly larger sizes and multi-packs, said The Grocer. 

The trade journal added: ‘Disruption to wholesale supply began earlier this year following a raft of manufacturing and logistical issues, as well as labour shortages. However, as the heatwave spiked demand it has depleted availability further. 

Bottled water is in high demand and short supply as stocks across the UK start to dwindle

‘One wholesaler told us that its availability on bottled water was currently at 20 per cent, with Evian, Volvic, Highland Spring and Buxton all out of stock. 

‘The shortage has forced some wholesalers to put caps in place to manage stock control.’ 

The limit is believed to be three cases per store per week but one retailer told the magazine: ‘This wouldn’t last a day.’ 

In the meantime, shopkeepers are buying more stock of niche and cheaper water brands in an effort to avoid losing custom. 

However, this impacts on their profits, with one retailer saying: ‘The shortage during this warm weather has cost us sales and the great availability we offer. 

‘Our customers don’t fully understand the many issues that we are currently facing.’ 

Yesterday, Tesco and Asda were out of stock online for some own label and branded water. 

Low supplies of bottled water were recently seen in Tesco in Evesham, Worcestershire

The remainder of the Big Four – Sainsbury’s and Morrisons – appeared to have better stock. 

No major supermarkets are currently rationing water, but earlier in the summer there were reports of sporadic limits in some areas during the hotter weather. 

Thames Water’s hosepipe ban, affecting 15million people, came into effect last Wednesday, and another by Yorkshire Water started on Friday. 

They join Welsh Water, Southern Water, South East Water and South West Water in implementing bans.

 Altogether, more than 29.4million customers across the UK are prohibited from using hosepipes. 

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