Boozy Russian troops ‘use pocket knives to castrate Ukrainian prisoners of war’

Drunk Russians have been accused of using pocket knives to castrate Ukrainian prisoners of war.

The allegations come from two men who have survived torture camps as prisoners of war believed to have been sanctioned by Moscow.

The 25 and 28-year-old benefitted from a prisoner exchange scheme and said that troops would use their knives to remove prisoner’s testicles.

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They had been in the war cage for one and three months respectively, and when they returned spoke to an experienced psychologist to help them unpack what they had been through.

According to the Express Anzhelika Yatsenko, 41, said the men couldn’t tell her of their experience for a month but eventually admitted: "If there's hell somewhere, it’s worse than that."

She said both men were suicidal and was sure they had been tortured with the younger man making an effort to take his own life – when they finally opened up she said she privately “cried and cried”.

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One of the prisoners said there was “so much blood” and was shocked they had survived – they claimed the soldiers said they were doing it so the Ukrainian troops couldn’t have kids.

Ms Yatsenko said it was like “genocide”.

The older man is understood to have returned to fight since.

A UN delegation has recently written to Moscow expressing concerns about prisoner treatment.

Moscow has denied the mistreatment of prisoners of war and said it does not target civilians intentionally.

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