Body parts found in suitcase after man ‘forgot to remove his name and address’

A man has been arrested after human remains were found in a suitcase that allegedly had his name and address written on it.

Workers clearing deep snow from a pavement in Denver, Colorado, called police after they found two black and purple cases, one with a human foot sticking out of it, on December 29.

The suitcases were full of dismembered human remains, which DNA analysis later believed to be those of Denver resident Joshua Lockard, 33.

Investigators trying to determine how Mr Lockard had died noticed a United Airlines baggage claim sticker on one of the suitcases with the name “Satterthwaite”.

On January 1, while the investigation was still in progress, police were called to a nearby apartment where Benjamin Satterthwaite was found unconscious, apparently the result of a drug overdose.

Another man, found lying dead on the sofa next to Satterthwaite, had also apparently suffered a drug overdose.

The police obtained a search warrant for Satterthwaite’s home and found a suitcase that allegedly matched the ones found buried in the snow, as well as a blood-covered saw.

Forensic analysis of the apartment revealed significant amounts of blood residue on the sofa, and in the bathroom.

CCTV footage from a nearby Walmart store allegedly showed Satterthwaite, 28, buying the saw two days before Lockard’s body was found.

Police arrested Satterthwaite on January 8, after his medical treatment was completed. So far it’s not clear how Lockard was killed, but police have said they believe the victim and suspect knew each other.

The Denver Office of the Medical Examiner said that the cause and manner of Lockard’s death is unknown at this time.

Lockard was last seen alive on Boxing Day. Friends told police that he struggled with a meth addiction and had recently been kicked out of a rehab facility.

Satterthwaite has been charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of tampering with a deceased human body.

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